Service Manuals

NOTE: This information updated June 30, 2002

A NOTE ABOUT SERVICE MANUALS: For whatever reason, Apple has made it difficult for Macintosh owners to find an "official" web site from which to download Service Manuals for their products. might try the following:

At one point in time using the URL:

and adding the manual title:


at the end, so that it becomes:

Would result in the download of the service manual for the 6200/6300 Performa series Macintosh.

If this FTP site is unreachable you might try looking for others that may work - for a while!!

Using this method - simply pasting the document name at the end of the URL - seems to sometimes cause the URL generated to be wrong. Try typing the full URL for each file to get a download.
If you don't know the exact title for the manual you need, please


The files are evidently all in .pdf format which will require the software application "Acrobat Reader" in order to be read. This application is a free download
Acrobat Reader Download Icon.

Some "Legaleze" just to keep us all safe:

Some software may be used only upon conditions stated in apple license contained in the Apple SW License Agreement:
You must go to that file and read the license agreement. By downloading the software you are agreeing to the terms of the Apple license. Do not download if you do not agree with these terms.

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