Where Old Macs Go To Be Recycled*

These folks could use that old Mac you want to get rid of

Computers For Families/Computers For Everyone (Georgia)

Another Byte (Arizona)

List of Computer Recycling Organizations

Super Start (free computers for toddlers)

Share The Technology (NJ)

Share The Technology's Online Database (NJ)

Resources for Reusers from Share The Technology (NJ)

Computer Recycling in California (Northern CA)

Detwiler Foundation...computers for CA Schools

Computers For Schools Canada

Used Computer Items Exchange BBS (NYC)

Computer Reuse Network (NC)

Computer Recycling Center (Northern CA)

Freebytes.Org (GA)

Function 1 Org (NM)

Computer Reuse Project (National directory)

The Lazarus Foundation


PEP National Directory Of Computer Recycling

San Gabriel Valley Classic Computer Enthusiasts

Global Listing Of Shelters Willing To Accept Abandoned Computers

*List compiled in part by Michelle Klein-Hass

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