Instructions for networking two Macintosh computers
using a standard printer cable.

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NOTE: For purposes of clarity only the instructions below refer to the "host" Mac as the "Desktop Mac" and to the "guest" Mac as the "PowerBook". The process should work just fine with any two Macs.

First connect together the two computers using a standard printer cable plugged into the printer port of each machine. Then follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure Sharing software is installed.

  2. From the Desktop Mac open the Chooser, activate AppleTalk, close Chooser.

  3. From the Desktop Mac select Sharing Setup.
    1. Enter your name in the Network Identifier section. Password is optional.
    2. From File Sharing section, click start. Wait a minute until it does.
    3. Leave Program Linking off.
    4. Close control panel

  4. From the Desktop Mac, highlight (single click) the hard drive you wish to share.

  5. From the Desktop Mac select "Sharing " from the Finder's File menu.
    1. Click the check box that says "Share this item and its contents".

  6. From the Desktop Mac select the Users and Groups control panel.
    1. Double click the icon labeled "Guest".
    2. From window that opens click the "Allow guests to connect" option.

  7. From the PowerBook Select the Chooser.
    1. Make AppleTalk active.
    2. Select AppleShare icon, and name of Desktop Mac should appear.
    3. Double click the name.
    4. From the window that appears click the guest icon
    5. Click OK
    6. Another window should appear. Select the name of the Desktop volume you set up for sharing.
    7. Close the Chooser and the icon of the Desktop Mac Hard drive should appear on the the PowerBooks display.

    NOTE: Steps 8 and 9 are optional

  8. From the Powerbook select the Desktop Mac's icon and make an alias of it.

  9. In future sessions you should be able to turn AppleTalk on on both machines, connect, and then double clicking the "Alias" you created in step 8 should set everything up ready to go.

These steps were used to network a Duo to a Desktop Mac, using the cable that normally goes to a StyleWriter 2400. It works fine and should work well for going from Desktop to Desktop machine as well.

Good luck.

Credit for this page's content goes to Ted Landau who runs the well known MacFixIt web site and wrote the book "Sad Macs, Bombs and Other Disasters". The above is a very, very condensed version of the instructions provided on pages 481-487 of the third edition. It was posted to the Classic Macs Mailing list:

Date: Sat, 23 Oct 1999 21:20:41 -0500
Subject: Re: File Sharing on Older Macs
From: William Ove <>
To: Classic Posts <>

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