Welcome to the Mac-wizards!
Courtesy in part to Stan Greenspan
Mac-wizards is a list where you CAN ask screwy Macintosh questions. This is not a place to ask questions that can be answered anywhere of a 100 places. We ask that you check out the MacWizard Archives and read the summaries before asking questions as your answer may already be there!
-- Please follow these guidelines. All commands (like help, unsubscribe,
etc) should be send to the listserver, "Majordomo@cc.gatech.edu", and not to the list itself.

To improve this mailing list, we're adopting some rules. Please adhere to them so the mailing list will be the valuable tool it can be.


  1. Please research your problem first by reading FAQs and other sources on the net. Post really descriptive questions or informational postings.

  2. Answers to problems and other replies should be sent DIRECTLY to the person asking the question (NOT the whole list!).

  3. Original questioner should collect replies and post a SUMMARY to the list

These simple rules are the key to having a list with maximum usefulness & minimal noise.

You will receive the full MacWiz list info when you subscribe to the list. It's chock full of great information sources and the few rules we ask everyone to adhere to for the good of the whole list.

Please retain a copy of the information message you will receive and refer to it before submitting messages to the list or the list administrator.

You will also need to use the information if you ever wish to unscribe from the list, so please keep a copy for future reference.

Here is a brief summary:

  1. Send list management queries to:owner-mac-wizards@cc.gatech.edu
  2. This list is NOT moderated! Every message that is sent to the list will be passed on to every member of the list.
  3. This mailing list is managed by a utility called Majordomo. You can subscribe to the list by sending a message to:


    In the BODY, enter one or more of the following commands on separate lines:

    • subscribe mac-wizards
    • unsubscribe mac-wizards
    • info mac-wizards
    • help

  4. This list is intended to be a quick-turnaround trouble shooting aid for those who have screwy Macintosh questions. This is NOT a list for newbies, or a place to ask questions that can be answered anywhere of a 100 places. We ask that you read the FAQ's BEFORE asking questions here. Its primary purpose is to provide a quick source of information for problems that are of a time-critical nature.
  5. Answers to questions are to be mailed back to the *questioner* and are NOT to be sent to the entire list. The person who originally asked the question has the responsibility of summarizing the answers and sending the entire summary back to the list. A summary should include attributions so others can pick up conversations offline if necessary with original posters. When a summary is sent back to the list, it should contain the word "SUMMARY" as the first word of the "Subject" line.
  6. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...Think before you send a message! Ask yourself "is this really appropriate?" There are enough other newsgroups and mailing lists around to cover the marginal topics. Perhaps there is another forum that is more appropriate.
    Here's a list of just a few Macintosh related sources of information on the net that will answer many of your questions. You should check these sites first before you post your question to MacWizards.

    To join the MacWizards list

    Send an e-mail to " Majordomo@cc.gatech.edu " with the following command in the body of your email message:

    subscribe mac-wizards (your e-mail address here)

    It's that simple. But get ready to have an active mailbox! You can count on at least a few inquiries and solved problem postings each day. Every day. All year. Of course you don't have to ask any questions yourself, lots of people just "lurk" on the list and learn from the postings of others.


    If you ever want to remove yourself from this mailing list, (like when you go on vacation) you can send mail to "Majordomo@cc.gatech.EDU" with the following command in the body of your email message:

    unsubscribe mac-wizards


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