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(Archived from Jeff Garrison's site)

My Macintosh Plus has 4MB of RAM, an 800kb capacity internal floppy drive, a keyboard with extended keypad, and the DB9 nine-pin mouse. Mine is the Platinum variety, a greyish color I prefer over the beige. In front of it is the homemade email floppy.

At the left is the newer, external 800k floppy drive that I like over the noisier, smaller-capacity rounded 400k drives. On top of the drive at left sits the Global Village Mercury external modem I use to email with.

The second disk (not pictured) has the Eudora 1.3.1 email program that works with this version of machine. Here's how the screens look, and the list of software parts I included to make this Mac Email:

Soon, there may be nowhere to do this, as Internet Service Providers no longer provide support for machines this old. For those of you who are able, I strongly recommend you put a Mac Plus to the email test. There is nothing more satisfying, I can promise you, than technology so good, that even this old it does modern-day tasks like emailing. The added feeling that it's being done without a hard drive creates a joy that's hard to describe. And a quiet that's easy to get used to.

This is another in a series of projects-in-web-pages I bring to you to help keep old Macs alive and useful. Do your part. My Motto:"Finding New Uses For Old Macs Is What I'm All About."

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