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The Download Zone

Looking for some Mac software? Just getting started.?

You've come to the right place.

Below are some basic (and not so basic) Macintosh shareware applications for you to download.

For those not familiar with downloading, here's a few introductory comments:

All of these applications have been compressed or "stuffed" into a smaller size to make moving them around through cyberspace a bit faster. Even so, expect a few seconds or even a few minutes to pass while each file is being downloaded. Most of these files have been compressed using the "Stuffit" programs created by Aladdin, a commercial software company. These files will end in the suffix ".sit". Some of the files have been compressed as self-expanding files and have the suffix ".sea". Some others have been futher processed into a compressed text format for easier transmission. Those files will have the additional suffix "hqx".

Some of these applications are free. Others are shareware. Shareware applications are free to download and use for a while to see if you like them. The creators of shareware applications then expect you to send them the small shareware fee they will mention in the documents accompanying their product. Some may only ask for an e-mail message or a post-card acknowledging that you have their product. You're on your honor to satisy these requirements. Let your conscience be your guide.

Be sure to download Stuffit Expander (a self-expanding file) first so you will have the application you will need to un-stuff the rest of your new goodies.

The "Download Zone" has been listed as an "All Star" site on Nathan's Everything Mac Page.

The Basics

Make sure you have these basic applications first.

Some "Legaleze" just to keep us all safe: Some software may be used only upon conditions stated in apple license contained in the Apple SW License Agreement:
You must go to that file and read the license agreement. By downloading the software you are agreeing to the terms of the Apple license. Do not download if you do not agree with these terms.

Stuffit Expander
This is the standard file expansion application for the Mac. If you don't already have it you will need this to "uncompress" all the other stuff you download.
HINT: Get the application Aladdin_DropStuff_5.1.2.sea.hqx (see below) next. It will greatly enhance the power of Stuffit-Expander.

disinfectant 371.sea.hqx
Sadly, Disenfectant is no longer being updated to keep pace with some of the newer virus types, and this is the latest, and last, version available. This is still a powerful anti-virus tool, however, and it is FREE. You should use it to help keep your Macintosh free of dangerous virus infestations. Once you have it installed, be sure to choose the option that installs the protection INIT (extension) for continuous background virus protection. I recommend you consider spending a few dollars to get one of the commercial virus protection applications especially if you have a PowerMac processor chip. If you visit our Macintosh Stuff page you will find a link to a web site discussing the various types of commercial virus protection software currently available.

Agax is a newer virus protection freeware for Macintosh. It works in the background and will protect your Mac from the SevenDust, CODE9811, and the AutoStart nasty invaders.

ClamXav Free Antivirus for OS X

SimpleText 1.3.sea.hqx
SimpleText is the basic word processing application that comes with most Macs these days. If your Mac still only uses TeachText, get SimpleText also.

eudora light 313.hqx
If you want to send-receive e-mail eudora light is a very popular application.

QuickTime 4.0
You will need to place the QuickTime extension in your Extensions Folder. This "helper" is needed to view many of the images you will encounter.

j peg view 331.hqx
The basic image viewing application for the Mac. Jpeg Viewer works with your QuickTime extension.

Interarchie 4.0
Anarchie 3.7 works on 68K Macs but requires Open Transport 1.1.1.
Anarchie (Later versions are now called Interarchie) is a great way to access lots of the best FTP sites when you want to download more software. Versions 3.5 and later allow you to re-start an aborted download right where it left off. You can stop a large download and come back later to finish it. Cool!

fetch 303.sit
You will want Fetch so you can send ftp files to other sites. Also a great way to download software VIA ftp.

ya newswatcher 218.hqx
ya newswatcher is a very stable and easy to use way to access the thousands of "Usenet News Groups".

iCab Web Browser

An Archive of Older Netscape and Mosaic Browser Versions

Netscape 2.0.2 Installer.hqx
This has probably been the most used web browser in the world. Netscape 2.0.2 provides both e-mail and news group reader features while requiring only 2.5 or 3.0 MB of RAM. The file you will receive is 2660 kilobytes in size and will require up to a half hour or so to download depending on how fast your modem operates. Version 2.02 was a bit "buggy", and is made more stable when used along with the extension "netscape-defrost-09b2" available below.

Netscape 1.12hqx
Get this version of Netscape if you need an older version with fewer features that will run in an even smaller amount of RAM than version 2.02.

Netscape's Browser Archives
This is Netscape's Archive site for Browsers (versions 2.x and later) and other Internet related tools.

Netscape 4.03 and 4.05 Download Site (Both The 68K and The PowerMac Versions)
This is the latest version which Netscape says will run on Operating System versions below 7.6. That's not true! See below for more info on using Netscape 4.0.8 on a Mac with system versions less than 7.6x

Netscape 4.0.8 Download Site
I have installed and run Netscape 4.0.8 (stand-alone) on several 68K Macs with only system 7.5, and it works very well. I did this using the Easy Install option, and just "continuing" past the System 7.6x warning window.
You must have the extension CFM-68K Runtime Enabler 4.0 installed for this to work.
The CFM-68K Runtime Enabler 4.0 extension requires the ObjectSupportLib 1.2 extension.

Download CFM-68K Runtime Enabler 4.0 with ObjectSupportLib 1.2
This 350K file will download as a binhexed disk image. Stuffit Expander should de-code it. Then just double click on the disk image, and follow the Read-Me instructions.

Download Site For PowerMac Versions Of Netscape 4.0.X Browsers

MacWeb 2.sit
MacWeb is a web browser like Netscape. Well..... not exactly like Netscape! MacWeb 2.0 lets you browse the web, visit web sites and homepages, send and receive e-mail, and view news groups like Netscape. The difference is MacWeb has few of the "bells and whistles" that Netscape has, and runs in a tiny fraction of the RAM required to run Netscape. If you have a RAM shortage, MacWeb may be just what you need. If the above download link doesn't work, or is busy, then TRY HERE .

MacWeb 2 patch.sit
This patch fixes a bug in MacWeb that blacks out the color background of web pages on the old Macintosh SE machine.

Cyberdog Stuff from Mary Grimsley
Cyberdog is internet computer software made by Apple

This freeware Control Panel from Mayson G. Lancaster allows you to assign more RAM to the Finder if needed to prevent annoying Finder crashes

The Next Step

These applications are not absolutely required, but you'll probably want them all anyway.

BBEdit Lite 6.1.2.smi.bin
Bbedit is a very powerful text editor and word processing application. Many useful features. This is one you should have.

simpletext color menu 2.1.sit.hqx
This cool simpletext color menu shareware adds lots of new features to SimpleText. You can have colored text, search your document(s) and more.

tex edit plus 4.1.2.hqx
This is another really cool word processing text editor with lots of features. Tex Edit plus is much more powerful than SimpleText.

Drop Stuff is a very powerful and easy to use compression program. Use this to compress files to save disk space and shorten transmission times. Great for "stuffing" files and applications before saving them to floppies as protection copies. The Expander-Enhancer feature also works with your Stuffit-Expander application to make it much more powerful. You'll want to have this one.

Stuffit Lite 3.5 sea.hqx
This is a great application to have for all your compression and archiving needs. Want to save a back-up copy of a file or application too large to fit onto a floppy disk even after compressing it? Stuffit Lite will break up very large files and applications into compressed segments which can be stored on multiple floppy disks and then later rejoined into the original. A great way to save back-up copies of those really large applications.Stuffit Lite is the shareware version of Aladdin's commercial powerhouse application Stuffit Deluxe.

Adobe Acrobat Reader
Adobe Acrobat Reader is a freeware application. Get it and drop the included plug-in into the Plug-Ins folder of your web browser, and be able to dounload and read large text files (such as user manuals etc.) posted in .pdf format on many websites.

shrinkwrap 3.5.1.hqx
ShrinkWrap 3.5.1 is a utility that can do many things. One thing it does very well is to easily turn a disk (like a floppy disk) into an electronically transmittable disk image file (via the Internet, etc.) and then just as easily, return it to an exact disk image of the original source disk.

Disk Copy 6.3.3.smi.bin
Disk Copy is a utility application that will mount disk images on your desktop, make exact copies of floppy disks from a disk image, convert disk images from one format to another, create a disk image from a mounted volume or individual folder, segment a disk image into separate files, create self-mounting disk images, and create a new blank disk image.

zip it 138.hqx
Use zip it 138 to open and create ".zip" files. Your StuffitExpander will easily un-zip files compressed with this format. Why do you need it then? Compressed files created by computers other than Macintosh often use this compression format. You made need this to send a compressed archive to someone with one of those "other" computers.

gif converter 237.sit
A powerful image converter. Gif converter 237 changes image file types to some other format. Very handy for viewing images other applications can't handle. You'll want to get this.

big picture 42.hqx
Use big picture 42 to open some image file formats which other graphics applications can't handle.

sparkle 245 fat.hqx
Sparkle plays MPEG and QuickTime movies and can convert movies from one format to the other. Sparkle is handy to have around as it is the best way to view MPEG movies on the Mac.

symbionts 27.hqx
Symbionts 27 is especially useful if you have a small amount of RAM. A wonderful alternative to the Extensions Manager that comes with many Mac operating systems, but with lots more features. Tells you the actual ram required at start-up by everything your system file loads. Even shows ram usage for extensions and stuff that don't show at start-up with extensions manager. Allows you to identify those memory hogging extras you might not need all the time, and to turn turn them off and on at will just like extension manager does.

free ppp 25v2.sit
This handy freeware application replaces Config-PPP. Free ppp is a bit more flexible and seems quite stable. Many people use it for their PPP connections to the internet.

cookie monster 15.sea.hqx
Cookie monster wipes out those Netscape "magic cookies" that tell others what sites you may have visited on the web.

web free 10.hqx
This is a wonderful little control panel. Web Free eliminates those annoying advertising banners from the web sites you visit. You can also use it to restrict the continued movement and constant re-loading of animated gifs, turn off "blinking" text, and even eliminate electronic "cookies", and more. Really easy to install and use. If you surf the web much you'll love this one!

netscape defrost 09b2.sit
Just download and drop this small extension into your Extensions Folder to eliminate those annoying Netscape crashes. Netscape defrost is especially helpful with older versions of Netscape.

sound machine 2.7.1.hqx
This application plays some of the more common sound format sound files you might run into on the web. Sound machine is a good basic "helper" to have around.

ircle 3.0.4
Ircle is a great "chat" tool. Connects you to any of hundreds of "chat rooms".

Some Other Download Sites

Version Tracker dot com - The #1 Resource For Macintosh Software

Michican State University Public Download Directory
A source for some "older" software such as Eudora 1.5.1, Netscape 2.0.2, QuickTime 2.5, and other 68K Mac stuff.

The AusMac Archive
Includes the old Apple and Macintosh Commercials and Much more.

Mac Freebees Freeware Archive

ZDNet Macintosh Software Library

MacDirectory's Software Archive
Use their search box to find thousands of software titles

All The Most Popular Mac Software
This site has organized their titles by category and provided a nice description of each prior to download.

All The Mac Software You'll Ever Need
Well organized, very complete collection. Worth a visit!
Todd K. Frazier's very well designed software download site.
A Great Search Engine For Files On FTP Sites Worldwide

Useful and Fun Macintosh Software
This page is filled with applications, control panels, and extensions that are not only useful and/or fun but they have also proven to be stable with Mac OS 8.0/8.1.

Some Macintosh Favorites

TUCOWS Macintosh Software Archive
A very complete and well organized Macintosh software archive

The Macintosh Software Archive At The University Of Texas FTP Site

The Macintosh Software Archive At The University Of Texas HTTP Site

Nathan's "Everything Macintosh" software page
Nathan has put together a huge list of links to Macintosh software download sites.

UMICH Macintosh Software Archive
THE Mac software source

The Apple Featured Software Library

Apple's Main Software Archive

Freeware and Shareware for Macintosh and Newton
Sorted by name, by author, and by category

Mac Shareware and Freeware from Kim Komando

Find Some Hard-to find Stuff here

Public Domain Macintosh Software
Archived by Marc Schrier

Web Browsers, Internet Connection, and Other Helper Software

Download Lots of iTunes Stuff Here

Mac Update
Macintosh Software and Games

Search For Software on

(Enter software title or subject keyword)

Please let me know if you can't get a link (or links) to work

Many ftp sites can get very busy from time to time, and you may experience a wait or slower than usual download times. This is unavoidable. I've tried to select sites that will make this happen less often. Please be patient and keep trying.

On the other hand, if this continues to be a CONSISTENT problem, or if any of these sites send you back some sort of error message such as "Anonymous access denied" or "No such file", or for any other suggestions please email Hardsdisk and let me know about it so I can include an alternative or an updated site.

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