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David G WoodEarly in May of 2006 I noticed that David Wood's "Resources for the Older Macintosh" website had seemingly disappeared from the web. This site was the most comprehensive collection of links to vintage Macintosh information available and a long standing icon to the Mac using community. Google had archived text-only versions of three pages from the site but none of the search sites were turning up an active version of the site, which had consisted of more than 20 pages. After more searching, I found out that the host company had changed its name. When I added David's directory to the new domain, most of the pages came up. I tried to email David using his old username at the new domain. I got an automated message stating that David had passed away and no-one was taking over his site.

After discussing the situation with Dan Knight of Low End Mac, we agreed that something needed to be done to preserve and update this important resource.

To that end I have archived every surviving page from the Macintosh section of the site and they are all here except for a few informational pages that couldn't be found.

Sometime after rescuing the site and reconstructing it here, the original site was taken down for good.

Now as before, user input is requested. If you know of a Macintosh specific site that you think belongs here, have a new URL for a broken link or if you have an archive of a missing page, or site please email me.

In October of 2006, David's former son-in-law found my article on Low End Mac and kindly shared the details of David's passing with LEM editor, Dan Knight:

David passed away on January 5th, 2003 due to complications from Hemochromatosis, although he had lived about 12 years beyond what his doctor had projected. He was known for his vast talents, knowlege, sense of humor and tenacity. He left behind a wife, Barbara (Aman) Wood, his mother, Anna-Lee James and two daughters, Ashley and Kim (Harmon) a son-in-law, Brian and their three children, as well as his step-son Rafael and his daughter.

I'm pleased to be able to present David Wood's labor of love.

Hardy Menagh, aka: Hardsdisk